Why Use 360⁰ VR Tours in Real Estate?

The world today is exponentially advancing in technology, and one of such technologies is Virtual Reality (VR). Virtual Reality is a great innovation that is rapidly shaping many aspects of our daily lives. With VR, you can explore new and exciting places without physically being there – Just imagine being on the black-colored beaches of tropical Maui, or the Lost City of the Incas in Machu Picchu, without actually having to fly all the way there. In fact, you’d be saving yourself from the expenses incurred when travelling to such tourist destinations, and you’d still enjoy the realistic views provide by VR technology.

This highly realistic VR technology, that helps you experience places and events conveniently, is now being used in the real estate world. A lot of businesses and organizations have now added real estate virtual tours to their list of offered services. Here at Webb VR, we have the skill, technology, knowledge, and expertise to develop Virtual Reality for Real Estate.  

What are Real Estate Virtual Tours?

Real estate virtual tours are immersive VR videos that allow potential clients/buyers to explore the entire space of the property they wish or intend to buy without physically being on the property. These highly realistic virtual tours can be done from the convenience of your home – through your smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. The real estate company would have the virtual reality tours uploaded to their websites, and other internet platforms, where prospective buyers can then stream the content on their phones or with VR gear.

These virtual tours allow you to experience the full 360⁰ view of rooms, kitchens, toilets, backyards, and more of a particular property. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see or check out, you can easily do so.  Isn’t that great? Instead of having to go out in the hot sun to inspect a desired home, just sit back in your comfy chair, sip some cold juice, and tour that home. If you’d like to do the tour with your partner, feel free to do so.

Benefits of 360 Tours in Real Estate 

As with any advancement in technology, there are several benefits associated with the use of 360 real estate virtual tour. If you’re wondering why you should leave the tradition of being physically present on a desired property, and switch to online VR touring, here are some points for you:

  • Save your time – By choosing to tour homes and real estate property on your mobile device or via VR gear, you can save a lot of time. Instead of going all the way to the site, and spending several hours on the road, you can save that time and still get an equal touring experience; even better. You can also engage yourself in some other activity like eating or light exercising while on the VR tour. 
  • Avoid stress and save strength – Just imagine going outside in the hot summer sun, or extreme winter cold, all because you want to tour a house or some property somewhere. If there was no other option you’d just have to go. However, there is another option, a much better option that is just a few clicks away. Connect to your Wi-Fi, go to your real estate company’s website, and stream their VR content.
  •  Enjoy flexibility, and do the tour anytime – If you’re going to physically tour a home, you’d have to make an appointment and be there within the agreed time. In such a situation, you wouldn’t want to miss the appointment and come back again later. However, with a real estate virtual tour, you can check out desired property whenever you like; even if you’ve missed some rooms or details, you can always come back later to check it out.

All these benefits reflect the relevance of 360 tours in real estate.

How is a Real Estate Virtual Tour Developed?

Popularly, Virtual Reality is used in the gaming industry for more immersive experiences. However, software designers like us, Webb VR, are integrating the use of Virtual Reality in Real Estate Tour and many other fields. Here at Webb VR, we help real estate organizations to develop immersive 360⁰ tours that can be streamed on their client’s phones, computers, or via VR gear.

We have a large pool of talent, skill, knowledge, and resources to design impressive VR tours for Real Estate. With our implementation techniques, the VR content we create for you will be able to stream on various internet platforms – websites and social media included. We also make it possible for the Real Estate agencies to easily use the products we develop for them on their own.

Webb VR’s solution allows you to upload your 360⁰ files like panoramic videos and equi-rectangular videos, stitch the media with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, turn in processed image content, add interaction components, and publish the virtual reality content.


Clearly, Virtual Reality is a rapidly growing technology. It has now spread to the real estate world, and many establishments are providing this service to their clients across different internet platforms like websites, social media, YouTube, and the likes. 360 tours have a lot of advantages over the traditional method of physically inspecting homes and other property. Clients wouldn’t have to travel for hours before reaching the property’s location – all inspections can be done from the comfort of your bed. With the integration of 360 tours in real estate, your business marketing becomes much more flexible and versatile.   

The business world is very competitive, and the organizations that make commendable progress are those that are able to adopt the latest technology, developments, and trends in the field.

Here at Webb VR, we passionately perform the task of developing your VR platform content. So if you’d like to turn your business around and easily reach out to many potential buyers and business partners, contact us today and let’s provide you with our effective solutions.