Virtual Reality for Real Estate

The real estate sector is transforming as its members collectively discovers the selling power of using virtual reality to market their properties. More potential clients are turning to online searches for properties to rent or buy. The value of virtual tours for real estate agents has become a reality that cannot be ignored.

If you are a real estate agent and want to become part of the future of real estate, the time is now. Read on to find out how we can help you use virtual reality to change the way you do business.

Real Estate Virtual Tours

As a real estate agent, you know how exhausting it can be for you and your client to traipse from one property to another, in search of the ever-elusive “home sweet home”. Not only is it time-consuming but it can get expensive too.

1.      Virtual Tours in Comfort

Let your client be part of an immersive 3D experience by wearing a virtual reality headset while viewing properties. They can do this from the comfort of their own home or from your offices. In no time at all, your client will be able to view both the internal and external features of the property.

2.      Empty house? Virtual Staging for Sales

Selling an empty house is difficult. By using virtual reality technology, you can furnish your house in a flash! We understand the power of emotional connection and using visualization to enhance the experience of viewing a potential home. Convert your empty house into a sale by enhancing your real estate virtual tours with furnishings included.

3.      Selling a Construction Project? Virtual Reality Makes It Easy

Property buyers like to see what they’re buying. Convincing them to buy an empty stand can be challenging. Using virtual reality tours for estate agents is the ideal solution. By helping your client to visualize what their new home could look like, well, let’s just say that virtual reality has just made your sales job easier.

4.      Statistics Support Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Still not convinced? A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors revealed that over 44% of potential buyers do online searches before deciding which properties they are interested in.

We are living in a digital world and technology is no different for real estate. The same survey revealed that over 80% of buyers use their mobiles to view properties. You simply can’t afford to miss the possibilities that real estate virtual tours present.

5.      Changing the Way you do Business

Virtual reality real estate tours are not new. In 2015, The Matthew Hood Real Estate Group at Sotheby’s International began using technology to virtually showcase their most luxurious properties. The rich and famous were touring homes using virtual reality & now everyday folk can too.

A successful real estate agent is a proactive one. Virtual reality has developed exponentially in the past 5 years. You can’t afford to be left behind. The way we do business is changing as fast as technology is developing.

FAQ: Value of Virtual Tours for Real Estate Agents

Are virtual tours really only panoramic photographs?

No. 3D software for Virtual Reality Design uses a combination of mixed media from still images to videos. We can even include music! Your buyer will experience a 360 view of the property.

How easy is it to convert to virtual tours?

As professionals working with virtual reality designs all the time, we can help you with all your virtual reality requirements. By using our Virtual Tour creation software, you can do business without the hassle of worrying about technology.

How can virtual tours increase my sales?

Statistics have shown that more buyers (and renters) are going online for their property search. By listing your properties online and offering 360 tours real estate business will grow. By making your potential client’s life easier, you are one step closer to securing a sale.

Virtual Reality for Real Estate Success

Gone are the days when you were limited to showing your properties physically. Clients are looking for less time-consuming ways to view properties and virtual reality for real estate is the solution. Time is money and a successful real estate agent knows this. Virtual reality tours for real estate is in high demand and it’s not likely to be any different in the future.

Virtual reality is transforming the way that business is conducted and lives are lived—one sector at a time. Will you be part of the transformation?

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