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Virtual Reality has started revolutionizing hospitality and tourism industry

Our platform offers customized 360 virtual tours solutions for tourism industry, brings the increased engagement and higher booking rates.

Bring Experience with Virtual Reality

According to the report published by Oracle, nearly 40% of brands agree, for most travel related needs people prefer to do their research before making decisions. In the hospitality and tourism industry, a large percentage of the customers prefer to look into images, videos or likes to experience things through VR; rather than reading through long textual descriptions. Virtual Reality is the emerging technology in the travel sector, helping potential tenants to narrow down their choices.

The hospitality sector is constantly transforming digitally with the innovations in IT. According to the statistics, retail automation in the hospitality sector will reach 5.73 Billion US dollars by the end of 2027 and this is the important reason to think about the potential and the growth within hospitality sector with the use of Virtual Reality. There are many ways we can use VR in the hospitality sector that will help to reshape the tourism industry in a brand new manner.

Virtual Tours for Hotel Rooms

Experience with a Single Click

Hospitality is all about experience, with VR we can bring brand new  booking experience for consumers. According to a survey, consumers who used VR to view hotel rooms or resort, have enjoyed 50% more than the other users. Using our 3D Virtual Reality tour design software, resort owners can include fine details to the tour as room room size, price, amenities, window views etc. in an immersive way, bringing an aha moment for consumers while they are making the reservations.

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360 Virtual Tour Builder Software

Virtual Tours for Travel Companies

Make holiday selling an experience

Package Tour companies sell customized itineraries and package tours to the end users.  They rely heavily on the PDF brochures, web pages, videos and images etc. to present tour itineraries to their customers. Using VR, these companies can revolutionize their sales process, by creating itineraries in Virtual Reality. It is interesting to know, after launching Virtual Experience of the Great Bear Rain Forest, Destination British Columbia has noticed a 5% increase in the visitors.