Value Of Virtual Tours For Real Estate Agents

The use of virtual images to communicate real events is not a new idea. For instance, the gaming industry is one that has benefited so much from technologies which continually aid the creation of animated games. The entertainment sector isn’t left out as virtual imagery is used to produce certain movies, music videos and the likes.

Virtual reality in images and videos are also used in schools and colleges to teach students some topics that may not be easily understood without certain levels of attainable practicality.

No doubt, virtual reality is becoming more relevant in various industries. One industry that is beginning to key into the use of virtual reality is the real estate industry.

You probably want to know how buyers and agents can benefit from virtual reality for real estate. Well, we intend to cover all that and more in this article. Let’s take a look at virtual reality as it pertains to the real estate industry.

Virtual Reality for Real Estate

Virtual reality or imagery projected in 3D and real estate had once seemed to be two entities on different parallel planes. However, these two entities, have somehow managed to cross paths, and the result of their synergy has been beneficial for all parties involved in the real estate business.

Traditionally, an agent would have to take a buyer in person around the property to assess the available features, but thanks to virtual reality, the agent may not have to physically locate prospective buyers, and vice versa. Saving valuable time, and resources while ensuring optimal efficiency.  

This simply implies that an agent could be in Florida and the buyer in Chicago sipping coffee while he (the prospective buyer) is given an extensive tour of his potential property by an agent who is geographically miles away. The value of virtual tours for real estate agents is not limited to easing stress for the agents, it also gives the agent’s service a catchier reputation.

Virtual Reality Real Estate Tour

No one who intends to get maximum value for their money gets to buy a house that they have no idea how it looks, hence the need to tour the property. While some buyers may still prefer a physical meeting, and inspection of the said property, no one ever rejects the convenience of having real estate virtual tours. Even though virtual tours may serve as additional touring services, they offer home buyers an opportunity to envision what the house may look like when they start living in it with furniture and home appliances all set up. For example, a real estate virtual tour can show you a;

3D projection or videos of the interior of a house with cushions, tables, shelves, television, refrigerator and other house hold gadgets. Imagine taking a real estate tour at your own pace, at any angle of your choice, and more interestingly at your convenience.

Virtual reality informed real estate developers can also help potential home buyers have an idea of what the house will look like even if it’s under construction at that particular time. There are more beneficial sides to real estate virtual tours which include:

  1. Increased offers: When potential buyers surf the internet seeking for real estate. They are more likely to patronize agents who offer virtual tours to customers. Virtual reality for real estate is a great marketing tool for real estate agencies aiming for more sales.
  2. Reduced cases of unproductive showings: Since virtual tours already give potential home buyers the opportunity to see the lay out of the house, its room positioning, floor design and roof style. It reduces chances of having showings without a purchase because a buyer who is already dissatisfied with the virtual tour would most likely sit out a subsequent physical tour.
  3. Attracting long distance buyers: Ever thought of a way of catching customers who may be out of town to buy your property? Virtual reality real estate is a catchy tool to use. Your buyers can get so informed about what they intend purchasing without having to travel through for a showing.
  4. Avoid appointments with nosy people: It can get so frustrating when you take your time to give showings to people who had no intentions of buying the house in the first place but only wants to know the features of your house.

If they can already see those features online, you will be saved stress and time, and the occasion bouts of ager that come with these.

What Features Are You To Expect in Real Estate Virtual Tours?

Virtual reality real estate tours are not just videos which display properties of the house. These tours provide the buyer with maximum control over angles, and the entire process of touring the house.  

They also are not pictures made into slides.

What then makes up a virtual tour? We have listed the properties required to make up a virtual tour.

  1. The projection has to be the exact view of the house without any additions which are not present on ground.
  2. The picture quality has to be clear and presented in high definition.
  3. The virtual tour should be compatible with most internet devices such as personal computers and mobile phones.
  4. Captures should be taken from angles that would give the home buyer an opportunity to see all areas of the house with ease.
  5. The virtual tour should be designed to grant easy navigation when the home buyer wants to move to various rooms, and it should also allow for 360 rotation.
  6. It should give opportunity for forward and backward scans and also the ability to freeze images.
  7. Pictures should be clutter free.
  8. Peculiar amenities and outdoor features should be highlighted in the virtual tour.


 The benefits of using virtual reality for real estate is better experienced than heard.

We can help you give your home buyers 360 tours real estate experience which would definitely increase sales for you. With our very affordable and easily usable virtual reality for real estate tour, your company can rank as the first point of call when customers seek for a company that offers comfort, while purchasing a house.

The value of virtual tours for real estate agents is truly great.

As more real estate companies adopt this innovative technology in increasing their sales, service status, as well as giving their customers great touring experience, you should join the pack, and watch your numbers climb exponentially.