Best Insightful Quotes about Virtual Reality

The application of virtual reality is gaining more ground in various fields of human endeavor. In the entertainment sector, game companies are employing virtual reality technology extensively. In fact, the odds are that your first glimpse into the world of virtual reality was at the movie theater and virtual reality applications in healthcare.

The importance of virtual reality is also seen in the military, as personnel training of officers may include simulated training exercises. Certain colleges have also adopted the use of virtual reality to give students simulated lessons on topics that may be better understood practically.

An example, such as you may have already experienced, is a simulated class which creates an environment where the student experiences dinosaurs living their normal life.

As technology continues to expand its scope, many high profile figures in the industry have aired their thoughts concerning it. We have compiled a list of some of the best quotes regarding VR and would like to share them with you.

Some of the Popular Quotes about Virtual Reality Are Listed Below

The incredible thing about the technology is that you feel like you’re actually present in another place with other people. People who try it say it’s different from anything they’ve ever experienced in their lives.

Mark Zuckerberg

You already know Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, and a huge investor in virtual technology. As a classic visionary as he is, “Zuzu” as some may like to call him, really wants to get 1 billion people in virtual reality. Interestingly, you really don’t need a lot of convincing, as like the people Zukerberg referred to in his quote, it would be different from anything you’ve ever seen in your life (in an amazing way, if we may add). You’d probably become a VR ambassador yourself after you’ve experienced it!

Feeding our senses a stimulus that is so similar to what we see in reality, that we interpret it as reality. In all other mediums, your consciousness is interpreting a medium to go to my site. But in VR there is no gap. You aren’t internalizing it. You are internal in it. It’s a quantum leap in mediums because the medium is disappearing.”

Chris Milk, Founder VRSE

If there’s a VR expert you really would love listening to, it sure is Chris Milk, the founder of VRSE, a world-renowned VR company. Every day, Chris Milk tries harder to bridge the gap between storytelling and virtual reality and he’s doing a great job. See how well he describes VR in the quote above? Well, he could sell lollipops to diabetics too- just that he wouldn’t. He’s more interested in promoting an idea that would change everyone’s life for good – Virtual Reality.

VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic. It has the potential to be the most social technology of all time.

Palmer Luckey, Founder of Occulus Rift

Palmer, the 27-year-old founder of Occulus VR and designer of Occulus rift isn’t wrong at all. So many times, many of us have always thought of “escaping” real life. This is because we all face challenges that seem insurmountable once in a while and we just need a “get-away”. Until now, we’ve never really seen how we can escape reality and a real ” get-away” was just wishful thinking until Virtual Reality revolutionalized and metamorphosed into what it is today. When Palmer Luckey tells you that VR is more fantastic than the real world, you better believe him – No one has probably ventured into the VR market research. as much as he has!

I’ve had emotional experiences in VR that I haven’t been able to have in two-dimensional experiences.

Joe Rudsso

If you’re a doubting Tom and you still didn’t believe Palmer Luckey when he said “VR is a way to escape the real world into something more fantastic…”, well, here’s a collaborative quote from Joe Rudsso. If you loved the movie “Avengers”, Joe Rudsso says you’d appreciate much more!

You need virtual reality to understand high level science or high level math. It’s very helpful to explain third and fourth dimensional things that people are constantly addressing in quantum physics. But, as soon as you’re creating an avatar, and you can live and you can start to feel sensations on VR, that has gone too far.

Jaden Smith

Oh, remember how much you hated your high level science and math because they were so abstract and you just couldn’t relate? Your kids wouldn’t experience such frustration, all thanks to VR! Jaden Smith understands this so well!

Several quotes affirm the fact that virtual reality is the world’s next ‘big thing.’ Its usage is expected to touch more fields of life than earlier anticipated.

Though virtual reality is currently utilized in some sectors, it is expected that we will discover more applications for the technology, and appreciate it even better.