Future of Virtual Reality in Tourism

We have read so many interesting blogs and articles with attractive pictures about tourism in websites, new papers and other sources. But can you ever imagine Virtual Reality products in Tourism?

Implementation of Virtual Reality in Tourism will be a perfect match for each other. We know what Virtual Reality actually refers to. It gives the best Audio-visual clarity with interactive features. It shares the photos and videos to create virtual effects of the objects and you will be able to access them virtually. You will also enjoy 360-degrees of a scene using VR, not from a fixed point of view. It captures photos and videos from every angle of a location.

Instead of using old user-interface you will get the full advantages of full immersive Virtual Reality. It not only gives you knowledge but also keeps you engaged with your work.

In case of tourism, photos and videography of places works a lot to attract people more. There were no platforms like VR technology to present Tourism beautifully to the world till now.

Many people think that VR content can be seen only in the VR devices but it also can be seen in other devices like mobile, Computer etc.
In this article we will be going to discuss the future of VR in the Tourism field.

VR in the market of Tourism

Tourism is a big earning factor of a country or a state. It creates a new path for marketing Tourism towards the World by capturing awesome pictures and videos of tourist destinations. If we can develop this field with virtual Reality then Tourism can be a great source of income.

People love to travel and explore new places very much and VR technology understands these feelings. It provides the excellent Virtual Audio-visual interface to people by which they can feel their presence in that place like the real world without travelling. It helps people to imagine clearly about the place where he/she wants to go.

360-Degrees VR Contents in Tourism

When we talk about VR Tourism then one thing clicks on our brain that is 360-degrees VR photos and videos. These photos are captured in a regular way like other photos. But after that, using special software these footages are changed into VR content.

360 degrees videos are actually computer-generated imagery but these VR content really gives more focus on the real world. When it comes about showing a real location like the tourism industry then 360-degrees VR contents are very much helpful. These 360-degrees VR contents are also used in the education sector, video gaming, real estate business etc.

Photography of VR tourism

The photography used in VR tourism follows the 360 degrees strategy. These high-resolution photographs are captured through DSLR cameras and they can be seen in any device like mobile, laptop, desktop. By clicking or dragging the picture you can see its whole surroundings at one time. Therefore, it is used in Tourism to explore more about the destination place.

VR tourism videos

Implementation of VR technology in Tourism needs best quality videos. These videos are like normal videos and can be seen on websites, mobile devices. But only the difference is with these videos you can see the entire footage of the place.

To make these types of videos special cameras like omni-directional cameras are used. It is used to capture the videos from every angle of the destination place at one time. In the above article, we already talked about how 360 degrees video contents can be produced.
Two types of VR videos exist-

– One is Monoscopic VR Tourism videos. You can watch these VR videos on mobile, computer by clicking or dragging the entire scene. You can discover the destination place from every angle with these videos.

– Another is Stereoscopic VR Tourism Videos. These videos are mainly created for Virtual Reality headset devices. These videos are expensive as it takes more time to develop and offers more immersive videos than monoscopic videos. Stereoscopic videos cannot be seen on regular devices like mobile, desktop etc. After wearing the headset people will get the feelings of real experience of that particular place and they can see their entire surroundings by moving their heads in every angle.

VR For travel Industry

In the travel industry VR is used as the VR headsets. It provides the real experience with the virtual effects. It helps us to discover the travel destinations as we do in our real life. That’s why many travel agencies and companies are now working with Virtual reality. It expands not only the tourism business but also people are getting so much interested in exploring destination places using VR technology. Big companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, Lenovo are investing in VR headsets for the bright scope in future.

VR travel Agencies

Now, many travel agencies are using VR headsets to provide people real experiences in the virtual world without going for travel. People can sit anywhere and enjoy the desirable destination place with the VR headsets. You can feel your presence there. It is more costly than the other process of tourism but it will give you a memorable travel experience.

VR travel hotels

In order to explore the entire hotel from every angle, VR is used in hotel tourism. You can see the pictures and videos of the hotel’s interior and exterior on any regular device like mobile, desktop and on the websites. Also, they can be available in the VR headsets if the budget is high. It helps people to imagine themselves in that particular space. It provides more realistic experience with full immersion and interaction. This is the unique process of introducing hotels in an interesting way. VR is not only increasing the business of tourism also it is making the process easy and accessible for all.

VR Experiences on tour

VR travel tours are produced to explore numerous destination spots and it will increase your thrust towards Travel & Tourism as you will be going to experience Virtual reality with full immersion. You can also visit the popular landmarks which places are not safe and also suffer from environmental problems. We cannot reach those destinations easily. But these VR experiences reduce the chance of facing the above problems and people also can discover those places very closely.

Virtual Flight Experience

Virtual Reality using on Fights is another addition in VR Tourism. It will provide you the real experience of flying to a tourist destination by VR headsets. A Tokyo based company, First Airlines introduced the world’s first Virtual Reality Airline and in future you will be able to see its bright scope using VR Technology.

Virtual Booking Interface

It is also a new addition on VR Travel. You can do everything, from choosing the hotel and destination to paying for holidays related to tourism, in the virtual Reality using VR Headsets. Although these types of applications are limited, travel companies and industries are trying to increase the development day by day. In future it will be a common approach for the Tourism Industry.

Virtual Reality Travel is a blessing for Seniors

VR Travel is a great option for the travelers who cannot travel like seniors or any kind of disable person. It will give you a proper presence of yours in virtual reality using VR Headsets. You will feel the real experiences in the virtual world. Also, it helps you to forget your disability in traveling and will give you a memorable and wonderful experience of your tourism.

In the above we have seen that day by day people are getting more interested in the VR Travel Industry and It is now developing.
But I think, in future Virtual Reality will take a big space in the Travel industry and expand its business all over the world.