Five Facebook Groups to Follow About Virtual Reality

As more individuals, corporate enterprises and institutions continue to apply virtual reality in traditional systems, it only makes sense that more light be shed on the subject.

While certain industry websites are doing their part to educate people about the prospects of virtual reality, there remains a divide in the propagation of this knowledge. Thus, the need for educators on social media platforms.

What better social media platform to reach large demographic groups than Facebook?

The social media has become one of the world’s top facilitators for learning, interaction and sharing of ideas about virtual reality. We have painstakingly researched, and gathered five Facebook groups to follow about virtual reality.

Before we get there, let’s understand the interactions between social media Platforms, and VR.

Facebook & Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality producers, marketers and users make use of social media to connect, interact, and introduce new products. They also use this medium to make adjustments, or call for assistance from other users. Therefore, it only makes sense to effectively make use of social media to promote, and educate VR enthusiasts on issues affecting the community.

Five Facebook Groups to follow about Virtual Reality

There are a number of groups on Facebook which seek to build a virtual reality community, however, most of them are yet starters trying to make a name.

In truth, you will rarely find anything helpful in most of the Facebook groups on virtual reality as they tend to have few unqualified members, less than acceptable moderation, and spam.

If you’re not guided, you may have a difficult time locating the best group to join.

As a result of these challenges, we have compiled a list of five of the best Facebook groups to follow about virtual reality.

Firewall Zero Hour official community

This is a group meant for people interested in using virtual reality for arts. Religious and political posts are prohibited so you can be sure that you will only see posts on virtual reality. However, only posts related to Firewall Zero Hour are approved on the platform, so it’s one way traffic here.

Virtual reality

This group happens to be one of the largest virtual reality communities on Facebook. Its members include industry professionals from various countries. They do not only focus on virtual reality, as their reach also extends to augmented reality and mixed reality.

Virtual Animation

If it’s an art or animation virtual reality community you seek, Virtual Animation is a Facebook group that offers you just that. It’s a community that encourages sharing of objects and ideas between members.

It sometimes provides members with priceless links through which they can view tutorials on the usage of software like AnimVR, Quill, Tvori in creating virtual reality animations.

Women in VR

This is a personal favorite. It is another major Facebook group about VR. It brings together female professionals in the industry with the aim of sharing development in the VR (visual reality) and AR (Augmented reality) industry.

Steam VR

Steam VR is a private Facebook group dedicated to gaming and virtual reality technology. It’s over 29,000 member community share content which helps members understand the intricacies of VR technology. It also helps to address concerns raised on the group by any of its members. Mostly, these concerns stem from challenges in the VR workplace, and in educational fronts.


If you find yourself in any of these five Facebook groups. You can be sure to frequently get valuable information, tutorials on new development in the virtual reality sector. Some of these groups also include Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality as integral parts of their focus.

Whichever Facebook group you’ll be joining, choose from these five and you’ll be glad you did.