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You are probably aware of the impact of virtual reality in different sectors in recent years, right?.  Or at the very least, you have a high-level understanding of virtual reality as it pertains to the entertainment industry – remember that Everyone wants to have an amazing VR experience and develop strategies to ensure that VR works for their benefit in whatever field of endeavor they find themselves.

Like you, many of us are mostly bothered about commercial applications of VR that we often neglect the importance of VR blogs in creating awareness and building mass interest in VR.  You should never underestimate the importance of interesting news, stories, and updates about VR as an industry.

Regular VR blogging helps to dispel some misconceptions about VR in the minds of readers and better prepares them for the amazing opportunities VR offers.

Without such updates, perhaps VR may have joined Artificial Intelligence in becoming the latest victim of technological bashing by the populace.

While we are canvassing for more VR bloggers and influencers, there are some authors already doing amazing work in this regard.

Here you have a list of some of the best blogs to follow about virtual reality, should you ever consider learning more about the subject:

VR Blogs

Virtual Reality Pop blog definitely tops our list of best VR blogs to follow for a number of reasons. It is specifically dedicated to providing VR and AR mass enlightenment posts, and as such, you can be sure to find answers to whatever you’re looking for on VR in the blog.

Virtual Reality Pop entertains contributor posts from expert VR bloggers and authors from around the globe.

Regardless of your level of VR knowledge, there’s always an interesting VR post for everyone at Virtual Reality Pop.

Boost VC

If you are business-inclined and you need to lookup posts on how VR influences business trends and behaviors, Boost VC is your best bet.

Startups and enterprises alike find Boost VC highly enlightening, comprehensible, and relatable with its interactive writing style accompanied with high-quality picture images.


YVR sits at number three on our list of best blogs to follow about virtual reality.

Do you know some UX and UI developers and graphics designers? They’d definitely find this VR blog interesting and educational and Virtual Reality in Entertainment.  It’s full of amazing stories about UX and UI in a virtual world. It is written by passionate expert designers with a love for VR.

Beyond the Headset

Beyond the headset is for every single person who has the slightest interest in VR. If you have no technical knowledge whatsoever but really want to understand what VR is all about and how it works, be sure to listen to Beyond the headset’s weekly interview sessions.

These sessions are manned by VR industry leaders and experts who understand that not everyone is technologically inclined, and as such, are willing to come down to the learner’s experience level to aid understanding.


A quick visit to the UploadVR blog would leave you in awe. The UploadVR blog site is beautifully designed with high-quality 3D images. The blog must be raking in cash thanks to retention ratings as graphics like that are sure to keep visitors on the page for longer periods.

It’s the same with its blog posts which present the latest VR reviews, news, and reports in such a captivating manner that readers cannot get enough of. You really need to check them out to believe. You’d be truly mesmerized. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

VR Heads

VR Heads, much like UploadVR is another colorful captivating website on Virtual Reality. Not only does it give out the latest VR updates and reviews, but it is also highly conversational, and has succeeded in building a VR community of ardent VR readers and writers.

This VR blog is owned by Tobias D. Kammann and has been running for more than 6 years now. We have nicknamed it the “LinkedIn of VR blogging” because apart from VR blogging, it doubles as a platform where you can easily find contacts and make connections with experienced VR personalities.

Think we left a blog or two out? Feel free to send us a message, or leave a comment below to add your suggestions to the list of best blogs to follow about virtual reality.